Out From Behind the Mask--DPL @ Denver Comic Con!

Denver Comic Con
Batwoman Runaways Marbles

We hope you've heard by now that DPL staff will be out in force at Denver Comic Con, May 31-June 2 at the Colorado Convention Center.

Library staff will have a table (come see us!) and be participating on a diverse set of panels that are sure to give you some ideas for your summer reading. One of these panels is Out from Behind the Mask: Queer Heroes Among Us, which will focus on comics and graphic novels depicting a wide range of sexualities and gender identities. No longer in the closet as taboo subjects, GLBTQ characters in comics can be heroes or villains, and are giving hope to both adults and teens. DPL staff are proud to be joined on this panel by Rick Rivera of Geekquality and Wayne Markely of Westfield Comics.

Here are just a few of the books we'll be chatting about:

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka, et al--Ousted from the Army under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Kate Kane returns to Gotham to fight for justice in her own way. Her story continues in Hydrology and To Drown the World.

Skim by Mariko Tamaki--A coming of age tale involving a private school, Wiccan/Goth culture, depression, and a crush on a teacher.

Runaways by Brian K. Vaughn--What do you do when you find out that your parents are supervillians? This diverse group of teens tries to do the right thing.

Graphic Memoirs:

Fun Home and Are You My Mother? by Alison Bechdel--The acclaimed cartoonist (Dykes to Watch Out For) examines her childhood and her relationships with her father and mother.

Marbles by Ellen Forney--What is the link between creativity and mental illness? The author struggles with treatment vs. fear of loss of her creativity.

For more, come to the Comic Con panel! And don't forget to check out the other DPL panels, on topics such as the Weird West, Steampunk, The Evolution of the Superhero, Powerful Female Characters, and how books might help us survive the coming apocalypse. See you there!


Hey--any chance you could post all your reading lists from ComicCon panels? I lost a couple of mine (I have a bad habit of leaving bookmarks in library books...), and I was having fun working through them.

Whoops--found them when I searched a little more. Thanks :D

It'll be my first Comic Con, too, KLG! Hope to see you at the panel & the DPL table!

Sweet, my sisters and I might by pop by if we spot you guys! :D It's our first comic-con. I am a huge comic book geek and I am really pleased with the latest developments of LGBTQ characters, though I wish a few more were asexual like me... it's good to see the diversity. :)

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