Our Favorite Apps For Kids

Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices in kids’ apps out there? Take a look at our list of high-quality apps for iPad and Android tablets. 

There are a lot of games and interactive books to choose from so finding quality, educational, and entertaining apps can be a gigantic challenge that requires a substantial time commitment! The librarians in the Children's Library are here to help. We spent hours previewing a wide variety of apps and these are our favorites for toddlers through middle schoolers. We looked for apps that have clear instructions, encourage meaningful interaction (not random poking), and have an educational purpose, but are still fun.

Here are a few other resources you can use to find great apps for your child:

Each site provides reviews and age recommendations, but remember, you know your child best. If an app seems too challenging or scary, follow your instincts and choose another app. You are the expert on your kid!

Apps can be great educational tools that reinforce what your child is learning at home or in the classroom, from the ABC's to algebra. To ensure your child gets the most out of any app, play it with them or talk about the app when they finish. Also keep in mind, a limited amount of time with digital media is fine, but make sure your child has plenty of opportunities to interact with other children and adults and to get up and move around! For more information about children and media or "screen time" check out the Mediatrician. He's full of great information and advice.

We hope our list of apps helps. Let us know what apps your child loves.

Written by Rachel on February 14, 2014


Anonymous on February 18, 2014


Another terrific app for kids is Sketch-a-Song, a music composition program that anyone can enjoy. Created by Denver native Zack Sulsky and a group of his buddies from East High School (class of 2008), the app works on Android and iOS platforms and it's free. Go to www.sketchasong.com and check it out!


Thanks for the suggestion. I just checked out Sketch-a-Song and I really enjoyed playing around with it. I'm going to add it to our list!

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