Our Democracy Un-Spun! #6 - Money on the Colorado Scene

We're looking at important 2012 issues and races in Denver and in Colorado, too. In Denver, we will decide about funding for our public schools, and whether or not to reverse the limits on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights from previous legislation.

Denver has a database for Campaign Finance Reports, and the Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office will be mailing out notices of the election soon, with summaries of the comments received for and against ballot issues.

TRACER is the official Colorado Campaign Finance Disclosure site. Check out the Quick Stats button, and then look to the right for a red button saying "More Quick Stats". If you need additional assistance, contact the Campaign Finance Customer Support Team at cpfhelp@sos.state.co.us or at 303-894-2200 ext. 6383.

There are three statewide Colorado Ballot Issues for this election. Voter's Edge Colorado provides an easy way to get this information, too.

Books you may enjoy include:

Your library card will take you to a great report of arguments for and against Legalization of Marijuana in the Points of View database.

GovTrack.us and Maplight's Congress Guide help if you're searching for legislative voting records in relationship to campaign funding sources.

If you want more information on any of these ballot issues, on campaign finance reform, or finding reliable information on any topic, contact our Reference Services Department on Level 3 of the Central Library, 720-865-1363 or dplref@denverlibrary.org .

Written by Elaine on September 25, 2012


Anonymous on October 8, 2012


This site is fabulous! I've never before seen such a user-friendly, well-organized way to consider ballot measures. Thank you!!!

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