Open Up Your Von Trapp and Sing

Join Fresh City Life for our first ever sing along film night! We've got the film cued up, there'll be fresh, hot popcorn and lots of fun and laughs. Don't hide your gift for singing show tunes in your big Ethel Merman voice -- share it with the world this Friday. And one lucky audience member will win tickets to the upcoming production of The Sound of Music set for this summer at the Buell Theatre!



Open Up Your Von Trapp and Sing With The Sound of Music
Friday, May 2, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Central Library, Level B2 Conference Center

Directed by Robert Wise. Starring Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer.
Do we care if you are pitch perfect? No. Will we fuss if you don’t know all the words? No. But we will have trouble naming all of our favorite things without your help, so join us for a unique opportunity to sing somewhere other than your shower. Central City Opera will be on hand to award some tickets to the summer production of The Sound of Music, too. Relive the classic film with music so memorable that, on one special night in Denver, we’ll all be cast members of this beloved classic. Lyrics will be available for everyone. Costumes encouraged! 174 minutes. Rated G.

To get you in the mood: Here's a video of the recent flash mob in Antwerp that highlighted a remix of Julie Andrews singing Do Re Mi. 

Written by Chris on April 28, 2014


Anonymous on April 28, 2014


This is such a FABULOUS idea, and I am heartbroken to be out of town. I hope you will do this sort of thing again!!!

ChrisL on April 29, 2014


Thanks for the positive feedback! We are looking forward to this event...and if it is well-received, I'm sure there will be an encore next year!

Anonymous on May 1, 2014


Sounds Lovely! And remember the harmonica.

The Baroness: Why didn't you tell me?

Max: What?

The Baroness: To bring along my harmonica.

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