One Branch, One Story @ DPL Central Children's Library

As a branch that offers storytimes almost every day of the week, it is no surprise that we have a large number of Read With Me families signed up for Summer of Reading. One of our families really made an impression when they came to pick up their third prize.

Donna and Patrick come in for storytime every week with their 1-year old son Ryan. When asked if they would like to keep or recycle their Read With Me folder, Donna emphatically replied that they would like to keep it, so that on days when they don’t go to a playgroup, storytime, or other class, they can use the folder for suggestions of fun activities to do together.

This small story struck all of us in the Children’s Library as a perfect example of what the Read With Me program strives to achieve. Ideally, the Read With Me program activities are not only fun for the summer, but also become part of families’ everyday routines. This is because these activities help build young children’s Early Literacy skills, which are the crucial skills that children need to in order to be ready to learn how to read when they start school.

We were so excited to see the activities in the Read With Me folder being used in this way by one of our families, and thanks to DPL’s Summer of Reading program, families across the city have another resource for literacy and learning.

Written by Gigi on August 12, 2013

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