"Oh my dears, is it really true?"

Yes, it's true! Downton Abbey concludes its second season on PBS and we’re in for a long wait before the third season arrives next year.

After winning a list of awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe awards for Outstanding Miniseries, Downton Abbey groupies are pondering how to manage during the interim.

To help us through the rough patch, we have compiled a list of titles (books and films) to keep you entertained. Whether you’re in the mood for Downton-style storytelling or non-fiction that examines life and relationships in an Edwardian country house, the Library has something for everyone.

It is the proper thing to do and Lady Grantham would approve!

Written by Laurie. on February 18, 2012


Lisa on February 21, 2012


Thank you, Laurie! I don't feel quite as bereft.

Simone on March 3, 2012


Ha! Lady Grantham would probably say something snarky and dry, at just the right moment.

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