Holiday Magic

Cee Lo's Magic Moment

Amp up any holiday party with new tunes or remakes of Christmas classics. Whether you prefer R&B, country or jazz music, there is much to choose from in 2012 to complement your favorites.

Hold lists are started for new Christmas albums by these artists. Place your holds online or give us a call. We are happy to help!


Too many choices to choose from? Opt for a compilation album like Holidays Rule or Now that's what I call today's Christmas. These offer diverse tracks for a variety of musical tastes.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra is awesome! After seeing them live, a friend told me that it was like being at Metallica's house for Christmas.

Sounds very good !!

I am an American Idol fan and love Scotty M!

I want to hear the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, based on their name alone.

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