Never Ever Let Your Cat Make Lunch!

Special Lunch Recipes from your cat!

I came across the title Never Let Your Cat Make Lunch for You by Lee Harris on the Kids’ 100 Best Loved Books for Children page. I couldn’t resist … I had to check it out!

What a cute little book and I even learned a few things. You can let your cat make breakfast for you, but beware they might eat your bacon! When it comes to making you oatmeal, well, they love that milk!
And they love making you their SPECIAL lunch sandwiches, But don’t let them do it! For the sake of trading sandwiches at school (or work!), don’t let them do it! I can’t say any more, you have to read this book and find out why you can never ever let your cat make you lunch!

Hope you’re having a great Summer and reading lots of fun stuff. Put this title on your list of books to read for Summer of Reading. Think you’ll like it, but remember, cats are not allowed to make you lunch!

Written by Carolyn on July 15, 2013

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