Summer of Tech 2014 is Going to be SO RAD.

Teens! (Parents of teens!) Looking for something to spice up your summer? Bored of lazing around the house? The ideaLAB's Summer of Tech 2014 TECH BLITZ will have have you out of the house and making amazing stuff! 

All programs will be 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the ideaLAB, on level 4 of the Denver Central Library. There's no registration necessary, and all ideaLAB programs are free for teens ages 12-19 - sorry, no adults or tweens or wee little babies allowed!

July 10: Make a First Person Exploration Game
Make a First Person Exploration game using free software and no coding! We'll be using SketchUp to design a simple world, and Unity 3D to add interaction to it.

July 17: Punk;D Patches
Whether you are more of punk rocker or you rock pink, come learn how to design and make your own punk inspired patches! Bring your creativity, we'll supply the rest! Punk rock optional.

July 24: Machine + Cinema = Machinima
Turn your favorite video game into a mini movie! Using screen casting software we'll capture your gameplay and edit it using Adobe Premiere.

July 31: Arduino Petting Zoo
All levels welcome to explore the possibilities of arduino: Prototyping, and building circuits, and programming, oh my!

August 7: Songcraft
Learn the basics of song creation! We'll be learning a little music theory, song structure, and software to learn what makes a song a song.

August 14: Make a Browser Game for Mobile Devices
We'll be using HTML5 and the enchantjs JavaScript library to make a browser game for mobile devices. By the end, you'll have a simple game ready to share with others, and enough knowledge to customize it and take it to the next level. *Some JavaScript experience suggested!*

We hope to see you this summer! If you have any questions, give us a call at 720-865-1706.

Written by nate on June 21, 2014

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