Say hello to the Studio

We're happy to announce the opening of the Studio in the Community Technology Center! This new space will give access to a recording studio AND a workstation to use Adobe Creative Cloud apps and convert records, VHS tapes, cassettes, slides, and film to digital formats - and it will be open all the hours that the Central Library is open.

We've had a recording studio in the SM Energy ideaLAB for four years now, and it's always been one of our most-used resources. Unfortunately, the lab is only open part of the day, so reservations have often filled up quickly. To try and respond to that demand, the Studio will open up access to the audio recording and digital media tools for all the hours the library is open. The space may look familiar - the Studio is in the space our first ideaLAB opened up in back in 2013 (which is also why there's a big ideaLAB mural on the wall in there).

Additionally, we've wanted to give our customers the ability to convert analog media - records, VHS, cassette tapes, film - to digital formats, and we're super happy to be able to have the tools you need to do that inside the Studio. I've already converted a cassette mixtape I made for my wife 20 years ago and it is AMAZING.

What's inside?

The digital conversion station in the Studio in the Community Technology Center

There are two workstations: in the recording studio, a Mac with Garageband and Logic, a dynamic microphone, MIDI controller, studio monitors and headphones. In the main studio room is a PC with the full Adobe Creative Cloud - Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc. - and a record and cassette player, VHS player, and a scanner with holders to convert slides, 35mm film, and medium format film. There is also a Wacom Intuos tablet available for checkout for use with the digital media station.

How do I use it?

Do you have a library card and a valid photo ID? Then you can reserve either computer in the Studio for two hours, up to two weeks out, by reserving online or calling the Community Technology Center at 720-865-1706. Staff help isn't available in the Studio without scheduling a one-on-one appointment- you can do that by calling us at 720-865-1706. We do have step-by-step guides in the Studio to help you get started converting media, and introductory guides to Garageband and Logic are saved on the Mac as well. For more details on Studio policies and the space itself, please read the page for the Studio:

Changes in the ideaLAB studio

Now that the Studio is open, we'll be making some changes around the recording studio that's in the ideaLAB. The ideaLAB studio will now be walk-in only, but you will still need a library card to use it. In the next couple weeks, we'll be switching out our current studio PC with a Mac so that you can use the same software in both the ideaLAB and the Studio. If you've used Sonar in the ideaLAB studio over the last year, please come in and save your projects to an external source so you don't lose your work! We'll be backing up the work saved on that computer, but we can't hold it indefinitely.

We're excited about the changes here in the Community Technology Center and we hope you are too! Hopefully we'll see you soon - with a big stack of VHS wedding videos or a guitar or those slides from your long-ago trip to China under your arm.

Written by nate on March 2, 2017


Wil on March 2, 2017


This is wonderful!

DPL user on March 4, 2017


This is GREAT! Goodbye Costco. Thanks for having a recording studio.

Ruby on March 7, 2017


This is fantastic! Is there an online guideline for what to bring when transferring analog to digital? I'd hate to get there with my vhs tapes and realize I needed to bring a blank dvd or a thumbdrive, etc.


Thanks for the suggestion - I'll update the FAQ - but in the meantime, you will need to either A) bring something to transfer your files to (flash drive, hard drive, DVD) or B) upload your work to a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Drive, or OneDrive. 

Kate Adams on March 9, 2017


This is great!! I have a bunch of 35mm slides, cassette tapes, and VHS tapes that I've been meaning to convert but haven't because it's an expensive project. This is my chance to save all my memories...and save some money. What a great resource!

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