Repair it yourself!

This month we held the first beta test of our Fix & Mend Meetup in the SM Energy ideaLAB at the Central Library. The idea is pretty simple:

  1. You bring in something that's broken.
  2. We have a bunch of tools and supplies on-hand, including sewing machines, small tools, and our 3D printers.
  3. We work together to help you learn how to fix your broken item.

On our initial meetup, we got to we work together on a shoe box guitar amp, fixed some broken jewelry, and repaired a lamp, among other things. There was soldering, sewing, and a lot of poking at things with a screwdriver. What was exciting was watching it unfold as a collaborative, hands-on experience - you're the one making the repairs! We have staff and volunteers on hand to help you, of course, but part of the goal of this program - besides keeping potentially useful things out of the landfill - is to help you learn new skills. 

Our next Fix & Mend Meetup is coming up on Saturday, April 8. What do you have in your house that needs repairs? Let's work on it together!  If you want to give us a heads-up on what you're bringing by RSVPing on Meetup and leaving a comment, that would be great.

We could always use more experts in the room! Are you a tinkerer or have experience with sewing, electronics, or appliance repair? Would you be interested in helping other people learn how to make their own repairs? Email the Community Technology Center at to find out how you can get involved, or just show up at our next meetup - Saturday, April 8, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. See you there.


Written by nate on March 24, 2017


Christophers on July 6, 2018


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