ideaLAB Maker in Residence - Luke Leavitt makes Circles

The SM Energy ideaLAB at the Central Library is excited to announce our next Maker in Residence, Luke Leavitt, will be working in the lab starting the week of June 12 through July 29.

The Maker in Residence program gives local makers a chance to practice their craft using the tools in the ideaLABs , and gives the public exposure to their work by having the maker work during open hours in the lab. Luke will be working on a game called Circles - a lawn sport with two teams of 3-5 people. It is kind of a cross between frisbee golf and ultimate frisbee, but players gather materials from discarded items they find around them. It could be twigs, trash, leftover food, or old clothes. He'll be using the 3D printer and a bunch of other tools in the lab to design, prototype, and document the game. You should also see a couple of blog posts here over the course of his residency.

Our Maker in Residence Luke Leavitt will be working out the lab Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 - 5 p.m. from June 12 to July 25, with a capstone event - where you can come and play the game he's developing during his residency - on July 29th from 10 a.m. to noon. For more information about the SM Energy ideaLAB, including hours and the tools available, please visit our page on

We'll be issuing a new call for Makers in Residence at the end of summer, and we're expanding the program to our new ideaLABs - by the end of 2017, we should have ideaLABs open at Hadley Branch Library and Hampden Branch Library in addition to our existing ideaLABs at Central Library and Montbello Branch Library. Keep an eye on and our DPL Facebook feed for more news.

Written by nate on June 8, 2017


Robin F. on June 9, 2017


What a great program. WIns all around for the community!

Anonymous on June 23, 2017


This looks awesome!