MUZZY - The Language Learning Program for KIDS


Hey, Kids!  Want to learn a new language?  Check out our fun new Muzzy Online software.

Denver Public Library has had the popular Muzzy series of language learning videos and DVDs for years.  Now, we're expanding to include the Muzzy Online language program. 

You can find the same silly videos, games, and favorite characters you already know and love online with your library card - no more waiting!  Muzzy Online teaches French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese and has courses to improve English, geared toward new English speakers. 

All you need is the Internet and your library card to start learning your new language today!  Click here to get started now.

To find Muzzy Online in the library catalog, there are lots of places you can look:

On the Kids' website, click on either "Homework" or "Just For Fun" - you'll find it both places.

On the main website, look at Databases A-Z under "M"  or choose "Learn a Language."

Bye!  Ciao!  ¡Adios!  Adieux!  Tschüss!  Zài jiàn!  Do svidaniya!  Tchau!  


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