Volume Denver Interviews: Whiskey Autumn

This is part of a series of interviews with local bands who are in the latest round of Volume Denver artists. If you've not already checked it out, Volume is a project by Denver Public Library to gather and share some amazing local talent. You can listen to full albums and songs, make playlists, and even download music to keep using your library card.

Whiskey Autumn is an indie pop band from Denver. The release of their latest record, Ice Cream in the Sun, finds the band drawing from a wide range of influences such as synth pop, '60s rock, and beat driven electronic while touring throughout the nation in their trusty van named Bruce. They also just played a show at the Ross-Broadway Branch Library! You can find other great programs at the library online. This week we hear more about Whiskey Autumn from vocalist, guitar and keys player Greg Laut.

How did you and your bandmates meet?

I started Whiskey Autumn as a solo act but always foresaw the project growing into a band. I met our drummer Matty Schelling at a venue in Boulder that he runs called The No Name. I was in the market for a drummer and he was willing to sit in on the kit for a few shows. From there, he joined full time and we hit the ground running. When we were looking for a new bass player, we posted an ad to Craiglist and Jason Paton responded. As a recent transplant to Colorado from Buffalo, NY, he was looking to join a band and meet new people. With the band formed, we bought a van and started touring throughout the country.

What did music look like for you as you were growing up?

My parents are music enthusiasts. They exposed me to a lot of music at a young age by taking me to concerts and listening to their old vinyl collection. I started taking piano lessons and played saxophone in the school band. My interest in songwriting blossomed when I began to learn the guitar and started exploring music that reached beyond what was on the radio. Music discovery became a borderline obsession and inspired me to start a band. 

What's your favorite Denver venue to play?

We really dig Larimer Lounge and The Hi Dive. They're divey, no frills joints that host great local and national acts. It's tough to beat a venue that has the feel of a neighborhood bar where you can see killer music on a nightly basis. 

What's your most favorite show and why?

Our favorite show in recent memory was the UMS in Denver last summer. It was our first time playing the festival and the energy there was palpable and contagious. Being around so many like minded bands putting on great performances and audiences hungry for new music was inspiring. It is a great representation of how the music scene in Denver is thriving. 

What's the story behind your band name?

The name Whiskey Autumn came from a search for a band name that conjures an image in your mind before hearing any of our music. As ideas tend to do, the name popped into my head seemingly out of the blue and spoke to vibe that felt nostalgic, a bit melancholic, and abstract enough that anyone could paint their own picture with it. 

Describe your sound in one sentence.

Prom jams from the future.

If you could open for any other musical act, living or dead, who would it be?

It would have been amazing to open for Prince. Watching his old performances is electrifying and the way he blended genres is definitely a big influence on our band. He is one of the all time greats in the pantheon of modern music. 

Thanks to Greg for taking the time to talk to us! 

Written by Jennifer D on April 13, 2018

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