Volume Denver Interviews: Bison Bone

This is part of a series of interviews with local bands who are in the latest round of Volume Denver artists. If you've not already checked it out, Volume is a project by Denver Public Library to gather and share the amazing local talent in this town. You can listen to full albums and songs, make playlists, and even download music to keep, using your library card.

We recently had the chance chat with founder and vocalist Courtney Whitehead of the band Bison Bone. They are a working-class, cosmic country band from Denver, Colorado. "When Whitehead writes about loss, love and resentment, there is a psychological and social awareness that informs the lyrics with an uncommon humanity and compassion that transcends genre.” - Westword.

How did your bandmates meet?

We really just met in the Denver scene, friends of friends, festivals etc.

What did music look like for you as you were growing up?

Music has always been about the songwriting for me, that started as a kid listening to great songwriters. In school I figured out that was something that came fairly comfortable to me.

What’s your favorite Denver venue to play and why?

There are a few Denver clubs we really love but I would say The Oriental Theater is great because of the sound and the set up. Really big room and big stage and they treat you really well there. Bohemian Nights New West Fest in Fort Collins is our favorite show/festival because it is so well done and they really take care of the artist. Really big crowds come out and a lot of people from out of state.

What’s the story behind your band name?

There isn't a really good story behind our band name. Just thought it fit well with the music and our attitude and no other band had it.

Describe your band’s sound in one sentence?

Roots music coupled with a dark country feel, that give way to a sound blending psychedelic rock and americana splash.

If you could open for any other musical act, who would it be?

If we could open for anyone that we wanted it would be Jason Isbell. He puts on a great show and has been touring hard for a long time with multiple bands.

Find Bison Bone and tons of other local music on Volume. Happy listening.

Written by Jennifer D on February 20, 2018