2MX2 & Unidos por la Música

This summer we are United By Music! Celebrate the Globeville-Elyria-Swansea (GES) neighborhoods with an auto-tune workshop and concert series for all ages, with refreshments and different bands in June, July and August, at the Valdez-Perry Branch Library, 4690 Vine Street. Unidos por la Música / United By Music is a collaboration between Denver Public Library and local band 2MX2, who are teaming up to bring music to GES.

2MX2 will bring their unique hip hop style on Saturday, July 13 at 1 p.m. Stay tuned for details on August’s concert. Unidos por la Música is supported by a grant from Denver Arts and Venues’ Music Advancement Fund.

Lolita from 2MX2 took time to tell us a bit more about the band, their inspiration and their story. Be sure to check out her solo project too!

Tell us a bit about yourselves, your music, and where your band name came from?

All the members of our band have been music lovers since we were kids. We got lucky to find each other throughout our musical careers. The team came together organically. Owen and Hugo being cousins with a common passion in music met their best friend DMD when they were in high school. They were all part of a program at CEC, a Denver High School that has the option to take audio engineering courses. Owen later met (me) Lolita in college during music law class at UCD; we were both in UCD’s music business program. Each one of us brings something special to the mix. Our music has evolved throughout the years as our team has. To begin with, 2MX2 was just Owen and Hugo, now it is Owen, Hugo, DMD and Lolita. In terms of our name, it used to be “2012.” Owen and Hugo decided to change it to 2MX2 when they realized their music was getting lost in a storm of doomsday prophecies, and “2012” was a time stamp; they wanted to be timeless, so “2012” no longer worked for them. 2MX2 is a mix of roman numerals and regular numbers. It is a reminder to never forget our history or where we come from, it symbolizes innovation and bringing the “old” and the new together to create a positive evolutionary present.

How did you all meet and form a band?

Owen and Hugo were a duo that was being produced by DMDTheProducer since they were in high school. After the group met Lolita in 2014, they began making songs together and in 2015 they asked if she would begin to perform live with them. She agreed and in 2015 they landed a fully funded tour opening for the Flobots throughout Colorado. For the next couple of years 2MX2 and Lolita created more content together, and in 2017 DMD was asked to finally join them on the stage and he agreed. The response from the audience went so well that the group continued to perform as individual artists and 2MX2 with Lolita & DMD. At the end of that year they caught the attention of major record labels and attributed this to the chemistry they had all created together and officially asked the two new members to join 2MX2, growing the duo into a band. Since they became a band they have been working on the reinvention of 2MX2 as a band with a new and improved sound, look and direction aimed at influencing a larger audience on a worldwide scale. This is why you will not find any of 2MX2’s music anywhere from the years they released music as a duo. 

2MX2 travelled as part of DeTour a little while ago. Can you tell us what that was like, and who all you worked with?

The DeTour was a fully funded tour throughout the state of Colorado. The tour was funded by Colorado Creative Industries (CCI). This was the pilot program for this now established DeTour, where we went into 13 different communities, held over 36 events of live concerts and workshops within three weeks. We had the pleasure of working with over 82 partners all around the state and met over 4,100 attendees. This opportunity has allowed us to work with Denver big-names such as Isaac Slade of the Fray and the Flobots, who we were lucky enough to tour with. We’ve also worked with other great acts via the DeTour, including Chimney Choir, Rebekah Durham of the Ginny Mules, and DJ Fullmetal. DeTour was seeking to provide musicians with alternative and more sustainable touring opportunities, and for 2MX2 it did. It was such a pleasure and we encourage you to see the video that recaped this experience on vimeo.com/146392179.

Where does the inspiration for you music come from?

We find inspiration in so many places. For example, we are currently working on a love song that was inspired by our parents love stories. We sat down to talk with each of our parents and asked them how they met and to tell us all about their story and we created a song based on their love.

What do you enjoy about working with the community and with youth?

At the end of the day our community and the youth are the ones who support us the most. It is a special thing that we get the privilege to work so closely with our community, our supporters, our fans. It is also a huge privilege to spend so much time empowering, inspiring and learning from the future leaders of our world. We love it! Plus we are constantly innovating & learning what our community and the youth want and need from our music; we feel so lucky to have such a close relationship with them.

Tell us how you chose Bang Data as the first band of your series this summer?

Last year we had the pleasure of being an act for the Patchamericano Music Festival produced by the local latin fusion band Debajo Del Agua. Bang Data was among the other bands booked. Bang Data is from Northern California’s Bay Area and has a similar sound to us. When we found out about them we began communication prior to the event and invited them to the studio upon their arrival. Debajo Del Agua also agreed to the collaboration and we made a song titled Pirana, which was about a group of impoverished people in Bolivia that are so desperate that a group of people will find an innocent pedestrian walking alone in the street and will swarm that person much like piranha (fish) and take everything they have down to their clothes. They do this to survive because of their poor living conditions. We made the song to shed light on places of the world that have it much worse than us here in the US. The song concludes by expressing that we are all the same human race that must recognize the same light within all of us no matter how bad it gets we must make the world a better place to avoid the unfortunate actions such as these of the Piranhas in Bolivia. This song became one of our favorites. When the lead singer Deuce Eclipse came to the reggae on the rocks last August 2018 to perform with Zion I, we spoke about this possible concert series and we agreed to invite them if we were to get the grant to make this possible. The grant came and we asked them if they were available. Luckily, Bang Data was scheduled to perform at the Levitt Pavillion on June 2 with Jenny and the Mexicats which made it possible for them to perform for the concert series the day before. Not only are they a great band that also toured with The Flobots but they are great members of their communities using their music to make the world a better place just like us (2MX2).

What are you reading/watching/listening to lately?

We’re all reading and listening to something different: 
Books: The Money Makerover by Dave Ramsey and Making Money with Music by Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehan, and The Power of Now by eckhart tolle and The Five Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell
TV Shows/Movies: Not watching any tv shows currently but really like the Amazing Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and Alita 
Music: J cole, Bad Bunny and Lil Nas X. 

Books: The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra
TV Shows/Movies: Dragon Ball Super, Gotham, Zeitgeist, Avengers: Endgame, Spiderman: Into the Spider verse, The Beatles Anthology
Music: Tech Nine, Becky G, and The Beatles

Books: Creating Health by Deepak Chopra, This is Marketing by Seth Godin, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
TV Shows: I don't watch TV often but when I do my go-to shows are - Shark Tank, That 70s Show, Fresh Prince of Bel air, & Seinfeld   
Music: J Cole, Residente, Amy Winehouse,  I recently heard a song that I liked by Joyner Lucas called Devils Work, I’m also listening to a lot of Reggaeton 

Books: Into comic books currently Old Man Logan comics
TV shows: Stranger Things
Music: All music everyday

Thank you to Lolita and 2MX2 for sharing with us!


Written by Jennifer D on May 22, 2019