Underrated in the 80s

The 80s were a sugar-fueled, neon colored playground for a Gen Xer like me, so when I see an underrated 80s film sitting on the shelf at the library, I get excited and feel compelled to suggest it to an unsuspecting (and very fortunate) fellow movie-lover. Here are four films I can't believe are on the shelf right now and would love for you to check out:

A Rankin & Bass animated gem based on a Peter S. Beagle novel featuring amazing voice talent and a super 80s soundtrack performed by America. One of the best lines of this underrated film is delivered by Schmendrick the Magician, "There are no happy endings because nothing ever ends."

Slapstick Tom Hanks is only eclipsed by Eugene Levy and John Candy who stole the show with their madcap hijinks. Thanks to this underrated comedy, I can't eat seafood without thinking of Darryl Hannah eating a lobster whole, shell and all, in that fancy restaurant. 

Of the four on this list, my guess is that this is one you haven't seen yet. A scrappy and scruffy Matthew Broderick befriends two cursed lovers, played by Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer, while the evil Bishop and his men hunt them down for his own nefarious purposes. Especially recommended for fans of Willow or Legend.

Okay, so you've probably seen this Nora Ephron masterpiece. But have you seen it lately? It holds up. This film is a neverending treasure trove of film lines that you can go back to again and again for all of life's tough situations. 

Which 80s film do you think is the most underrated and is worthy of rewatching?

Written by Tara on November 19, 2018


FrankW on November 21, 2018


OKay, I've only seen the last one. So I'll have to check on those others!! I'm an '80s child so...

Amma on November 27, 2018


I love the world of 80s cinema, but I probably love the world of cinema about 80s cinema even more. My favorite movie is Donnie Darko.

Apryl on November 28, 2018


Oh yes, I have definitely seen all of them, but not lately for sure. I too a child of the 80's and enjoy that you have some good ones to suggest. I was watching an old Columbo a few weeks ago and came across Fisher Stevens, who I guess dated Michelle P back in the day, need to look up if you have Short Circuit or My Science Project, which wasn't popular like Weird Science was. Oh what a time, glad I lived through it. Thanks for the reminders.


One of my favorites is actually one I found completely at random while browsing some returned DVDs - Streets of Fire. Loved Last Unicorn & Splash! 

Bluish on November 29, 2018


Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze and of course Youngblood swayze rob lowe hard to beat


Heathers, Princess Bride, Lost Boys, and Ferris Bueller! 

Mickey James on December 3, 2018


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Willem on December 4, 2018


Awesome list! I always love it when somebody gives Ladyhawke the love and recognition it deserves.

elizabeth B on December 4, 2018


Ladyhawke, two of the most beautiful people at that point in time playing lovers torn apart by evil spell with mathew brodrick as the comic relief. I recommend it.