DPL Staff Movie Picks: January

Hello movie lovers! It's that time again for us staff here at Denver Public Library to offer up our favorite movie picks. From new to classics there are so many great picks this month that we couldn't wait to share with you all! This month we didn't bother picking a theme, we just picked great films that we thing you'd enjoy!

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Blacula (2015) Blu-Ray

This 1972 American blaxploitation horror film is directed by William Crain and starred William Marshall in the title role of an 18th-century African prince named Mamuwalde, who is turned into a vampire (and later locked in a coffin) by Count Dracula in the Count's castle in Transylvania. It’s 1780, and Dracula refuses to help Mamuwalde suppress the slave trade.Fast forward to 1972 Los Angeles, where Blacula reawakes with a renewed need for blood and revenge on his mind. The cult classic horror character has returned in a new graphic novel, coming soon, from Rodney Barnes and artist Jason Shawn Alexander, bringing the character into the present day, fighting against Dracula. 



Columbus (2017) DVD and Kanopy

In this relaxed-paced film, your eyes can drink in stunning architecture in Columbus, Indiana, a real-life architectural oasis in the Midwest. Directed by Kogonada, his first film, and starring Haley Lu Richardson (you may recognize her as Portia from Season 2 of “White Lotus”) and John Cho (Harold of “Harold and Kumar”) This is the story of a reluctant visitor to Columbus, Indiana, a very small town, who befriends a young adult trying to figure out her path forward in the world. This movie moves slowly, but it’s one to savor with likable characters, appealing cinematography, and a story about friendship and making difficult choices whilst being true to oneself. 



Le Grand Chef 2 - Kimchi Battle (2010) Kanopy

A battle over the origins of kimchi with Japan leads to a nationwide kimchi competition in South Korea. Battling chefs juggle family and even budding romance. A standalone spinoff with original storyline based on the characters from Le Grand Chef.



The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) Kanopy

A naive mailroom clerk is promoted to president of the Hudsucker Corporation as part of a stock scam by the board of directors. A comedy homage to the 1930s/40s films of Frank Capra and Preston Sturges. Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, co-written by the Coen brothers and Sam Raimi. Starring Tim Robbins as the rube in over his head, Paul Newman as the scheming company director, Jennifer Jason Leigh as a fast-talking, no nonsense reporter, Bruce Campbell as her heel of a co-reporter, and Steve Buscemi as a beatnik barista.


SubUrbia (1996) Kanopy

In the mid-1990s, a group of 20-something underachievers spend most of their nights hanging out behind a local convenience store. One night an old friend from high school, who has since become a successful musician, pays them a visit, forcing everyone to confront their own unrealized dreams and frustrations. This drama/comedy is directed by Richard Linklater based on the play by Eric Bogosian. It features a unique ensemble cast (Giovanni Ribisi, Nicky Katt, Steve Zahn, Ajay Naidu, Parker Posey) and a great indie/alternative soundtrack (Sonic Youth, Beck, Boss Hog, Superchunk, The Flaming Lips). 



The Phantom of the Open (2022) DVD and Blu-Ray

In this quirky but true story, Maurice Flitcroft (Mark Rylance) is a dreamer who decides to take up golfing and gain entry into the 1976 British Open Golf Championship.  The only problem is, he has never played golf before… And he is not very good.  However, he does not give up and continues to strive his way in this well acted quirky and inspiring true story.  



Honeyland (2019) Kanopy and DVD, Turkey

Hatidze lives in the Macedonian mountains where she harvests honey from bees while living in a remote area with her paralyzed mother. She gets new neighbors who bring her a new excitement and energy but also challenge her means of making a living. 

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