DPL Movie Staff Picks: October

Erin W. -  (Foreign) A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014). Starring Sheila Vand, Dominic Rains, and Arash Marandi. This Iranian Vampire Western is darkly ambient; shot in moody black-and-white, it’s a stylish update on the horror genre that’s perfect for misanthropic misfits. Also steaming on Kanopy..   

Laurie - (Korean) Jibeuro / ​​​The Way Home (2002) is an award-winning reprieve from my overindulgence in ​​fast-paced action films. San-woo is city kid from bustling Seoul​ who is sent to live with his grandmother in a remote village just until his mom can find a job. The transformational power of unconditional love will have adults reaching for a tissue. Very ​little dialogue makes this a good introduction to subtitled films for families​ although San-woos's initial behavior will be disturbing to anyone who wants real estate in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. (If you haven’t seen the documentary  Won’t you Be My Neighbor (2018) consider adding your name to the hold list )  

Emily - Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. While I am not a fan of the books by Kerry Greenwood I am a SUPERFAN of the television series. The costumes, the love affairs, the golden gun! Phryne is number 1! No but seriously these delightful noir mysteries are fun fun fun. I have recommended these to many people and no one has ever been disappointed.

Molly - (Comedy) Mystery Train (1989) will have you all shook up with laughter. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins checks guests into the Arcade, a Memphis hotel haunted by the King himself. Join us at Central Library for a free special screening!

Debbie - (Drama) Loving Vincent (2017) Starring Douglas Booth, Jerome Flynn, Robert Gulaczyk, and Helen McCrory.  A fictional story of Vincent Van Gogh’s life as told by his own paintings “come to life” using oil painted animation.  The plot centers on a young boy who, a year after Vincent’s death, is tasked with delivering Vincent’s final letter to his late brother Theo to a close friend, Dr. Gachet.  While waiting for Dr. Gachet to arrive home, the boy encounters multiple people from Vincent’s life, all with a tale to tell about his life and his death. Did Vincent truly commit suicide or was he murdered?  The animated oil paintings are an ingenious way to tell this story and the viewer learns a lot about Van Gogh’s troubled life, his legacy, and his impact on his community.


Written by J.Allen on October 3, 2018


colleen y medina on October 27, 2018


i love every thing about it!