DPL Movie Staff Picks: November

Stacey - (Drama) The Florida Project (2017) Six-year-old Moonie lives in The Magic Castle, but it’s a seedy motel, not the happiest place on Earth. Despite the threat of being homeless and hungry, Moonie creates her own fun summer with other children who live in the motel, diving into reckless adventures and scamming tourists who pity her. The movie contradicts Moonie's innocence, such as when she creates her own safari in a cow-filled pasture, with her R-rated language and scams for ice cream. The movie is not for everyone but provides a window into the lives of people not normally seen during a trip to Disney World.

Laurie - (Documentary) The Eagle Huntress (2017) tells the story of Aisholpan and her nomad family’s tradition of training eagles to hunt for rabbits, foxes and sheep in the Bayan-Olgii province. Filmed on the freezing Mongolian steppe, Aishoplan’s relationship with her eagle and father are just a few of the highlights. G-rated but viewer advisory if you are unfamiliar with the realities of hunting.

Randell - (Western/Biopic) Woman Walks Ahead (2018) Based on true events, a young painter from New York City, Catherine Weldon, travels to Standing Rock Rez to paint Sitting Bull’s portrait.

Jenny - (Drama Series)  Versailles, Season one (2016), Season two to be out shortly. One review said “the best series you haven’t heard of”. Get immersed in the opulence, horror and humor of Louis XIV’s rise to even more grandeur.

Debbie - (Drama) Captain Fantastic (2016) Starring Viggo Mortensen, George MacKay, and Samantha Isler.  Ben (Viggo Mortensen) and his family live off the grid in the pacific northwest. The six children have never watched TV or attended school.  They hunt for their own food, play musical instruments, and have high level philosophical and scientific conversations. After a family tragedy, Ben takes everyone on a road trip to the suburbs of New Mexico in their converted school bus.  It is at turns fascinating and disturbing to watch the kids experience life outside of their controlled environment for the first time and everyone, including Ben, learns important life lessons. It is also poignant and heart wrenching to see each of them deal with the tragedy in their own way and as a family.  This movie is rated R for language and brief graphic nudity and I recommend parents do their research about or watch the movie before showing to children.

James - (comedy) I Feel Pretty (2018) Starring Amy Schumer, Emily Ratajkowski and Michelle Williams. Amy Schumer plays a woman struggling with insecurity, but then something (she believes) magical happens that transforms her into another person, more confident and the most beautiful woman on the planet. This movie really addresses the social anxieties of entering a world engulfed in shallowness in a humorous and engaging way.

Written by J.Allen on November 1, 2018