Experience Winter of Reading: Watch a Movie on Kanopy

I am in the process of completing my five activities for Winter of Reading 2019. I was filled with excitement when I saw that one of the activities was to watch a movie on Kanopy. 

Jasper Jones (2017) starring Aaron L. Mcgrath and Levi Miller is a coming of age story about 14 year old Charlie Bucktin, who is shown the dead body of young Laura Wishart by Jasper Jones. Jasper convinces Charlie to help him conceal the body, because he believes, that calling the police would make him their primary suspect. Charlie believes Jasper is innocent and must find away to defeat the local racists who have already implicated Jasper in Laura's disappearance. Charlie sets out on a quest to prove Jasper's innocence and find the true killer. 

Kanopy allows you to stream adult and children's feature films, documentaries and Great Courses through the Denver Public Library; this service is currently only available to Denver residents.

Here are a few more movies you can enjoy on Kanopy:

Framing the Other (2011) Part of the series Anthropology 101

Place Matters (2008) Documentary on Economics and Globalization and its effects on race.

A Ghost Story (2017) Starring Casey Affleck, and Rooney Mara. Nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the 2017 

For those of you who would like to stream movies and are not Denver residents, you can still stream movies on Overdrive.


Written by J.Allen on February 13, 2019