Movies that are just plain BRUTAL

Your emotions and sanity will be tested. You've been warned...

You will get scared, cringe, and become fearful and sad. How much can you really take is totally up to you. You can easily turn off the DVD or Blu-ray player, but I can guarantee you that these 2 films will never leave your mind.

Irréversible - Right out of the gate, the opening scene will leave you speechless. The film is filled with vivid reenactments, pain, torture, and so much more. This film is at the top of my list because it contains scenes that literally made me look away and cringe. It is infamous for reenactment. This film is as real as it gets; if you have a weak heart, you'd better turn away to save yourself from the realization that this film is going straight for realism. Also, Irréversible is shot from a very unique POV (point of view). The camera is always moving quite fast; if you're not careful, the swaying of the camera can make you dizzy and nauseous. This film is one of a kind. I can honestly say that this film is hardcore and definitely not for the faint of heart. If you feel like giving this film a try, go ahead... but you have been warned. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Martyrs - Your eyes will be closed for the majority of this film. Why, you ask? Well, the scenes in this film - let's just say - have very good special effects in them. The story is twisted and crazy; the pain people endure is beyond any rational thinking, and the characters in these films are set up for failure. A life that is filled with misery, tears, sadness, and loneliness Movies that are just plain BRUTAL
makes a young lady very confused and breathe hatred. The only thing that can fix her broken, crushed, and twisted heart is revenge. How can the world be so cruel when she has done nothing to deserve it? What can she do? Well, there is one thing. That's to simply give the cruelty back to the world. Martyrs is a very graphic film. Viewer discretion is advised.

These films will have your heart racing...


Written by Eazy on March 25, 2014


Anonymous on March 25, 2014


Here's a few more, Dr. E...

FLANDERS-- in French, harrowing war-combat scenes

MY JOY-- in Russian, hijacked truck-driver gets his revenge

THE ICE MAN-- "true" story of a mob hit-man


Anonymous, Ice Man does look very promising, I cant say Michael Shannon is too shabby in the acting dept. (Also check out "Take Shelter" he's amazing). I have to say I'm not a fan of graphic violence for violence sake. I respect the art but not for me. Korean cinema has been making great toe curling movies like "I Saw the Devil", and "Old Boy", also "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance". If you like horror movies with poor kids being gutted and blood splatter I have no recommendations. However "Antichrist" is a movie with real life visceral scenes and great actors. Wilem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg. I have never seen a lars von Trier movie and went right to sleep. I feel hollwed out and raw. But every time I see his name I gotta check it out.


"Antichrist" is a pretty gutsy movie, I seen it and I have to say it a good movie, if you can take the very visual special effects. On my new blog, "The best unknown actor in the world" a few of those films are mentioned and Korean films are at the for front of horror movies


Awesome! I didn't see that! Thanks. I've seen all but one of those movies. I am so happy someone has acknowledges these movies and Choi Min-Sik. Great talent. I wouldn't say Tom Hanks as comparison though, more like a combination of Jack Nicholson and maybe Gary Oldman ( Who can do anything) or Christopher Walken. Awesome blog. Dr. E

Eazy on March 26, 2014


I heard about ice man it seems to be very good and thanks for the recommendations I will check them out

Anonymous on March 26, 2014


My most brutal movies are:
1. Scarface(1983)
2. Slingblade
3. Passion Of The Christ
4.Mommy Dearest
5. Superbowl (I know its not a movie but it was brutal)


The super bowl was brutal to watch! I'm pretty sure its gonna take a long, long time for Colorado to recover from that beating.

TDub on March 31, 2014


Are these films any more than horror/shock pornography? Is there any substance to them or do they simply appeal to the voyeur/sadist? I have seen Saw and a revolting film called the Human Centipede and would happily un-see them if that were possible. I suppose this blog is intended for aficionados of this genre, and I would love to hear a critical review that can give us all some idea why one would want to experience these films.


Well, some horror movies are more offensive, intensive and just shocking. It's the horror genre, this is too be expected. Too make us feel uncomfortable, scared & shocked- there is a rating system that clearly states what movie you are going to watch, if you continue to watch the film (such as the 'human centipede') then that's a personal choice, although its cleary stated.

Also, it's form of art and should be at least given a try, if you don't like the film simply move on to the next as if you were in a gallery looking at art on the wall. Another reason, the only way to find out our dislikes, likes, is to give something a try. Such as these films, which do not differ from any famous, cult classic that are so praised. For example, Stephen king is a legend in the sick, twisted and gloryfied horror, but the vast mojority of people either support, love or are fans. There is no difference from the films that are on these blogs and those of stephen king's. horror is horror, voilence is volience, mainstream or not.

Most importantly, everyone is different you might be oppose to watching a certain film, but someone else might not be. I'm simply giving a few
recommendations. Also, I made it clear that these films are not for the faint heart, this is when personal choice comes into play once again.


TDub, I would'nt really classify "Irreversible" as horror/shock porn. It was discussed on an IFC series about sex in movies, and the boundaries that are moved. The star, the beautiful Monica Bellucci, who you may remember from "the Matrix" as Persphone. She is violently sexually assaulted and you are not spared. Her exes then take revenge for her. It was hard for me to watch, and sorry to say I could not finish the movie. I did try. However the topic IFC discussed was seeing a woman as physically and sexually attractive as Monica Bellucci abused and seeing her later in the film after the attack, is she still perceived as an appealing woman or is your perception of her now altered by watching her attack. I love MB because she is usually in movies where sexuality and perception are not black and white but many shades of grey. such as "Malena" by Guiseppe Sulfaro. If you've already seen Irreversible and thought it was shock porn I guess that's what's great about movies everyone has a different take, which is awesome.

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