Move Freely Bicycle Event

On Saturday May 17, Byers Branch Library collaborated with 411 BIKE PIT! to present the MOVE FREELY BICYCLE EVENT. People of all ages and varying biking experience gathered on the lawn to learn about basic bicycle maintenance. 411 BIKE PIT! provided a zine titled "Move Freely" which served as a handy guide to the workshop.  Topics covered in the workshop included skills such as how to fix a flat tire and how to grease bicycle chains, as well as laws for biking in traffic. 

Volunteers of 411 BIKE PIT! also show-cased an array of custom made bicycles, including Tall Bikes, a Hexcycle Children's Bike, and a Low Recumbent Bike. The highlight of the innovative show-case was the Denver Public Library's very own DPL Connect Trike, offering not only creative inspiration to us all but a great book selection on bike repair as well. People passing by that couldn't stay for the workshop were still able to pick up a copy of the "Move Freely" Zine, a cool refreshing Pop-cycle, and peruse an assortment of free biking gear and clothing. One family of three young boys all walked away happily with free bike helmets! 

After talking shop, 411 BIKE PIT! Volunteers led us on a leisurely bike ride around the La Alma/Lincoln Park and Baker Historic Neighborhoods. Biking in a group of friendly people, surrounded by Tall Bikes and energetic music, made it seem like we were in a parade! Neighbors waved to us as we rode by and someone even joined our ride along the way. The ride wasn't complete until we made a Bike Pit!-stop for a group photo and to see the place where all the 411 BIKE PIT! magic happens.

Byers Branch Library and 411 BIKE PIT! are so thankful to all the people who participated in this workshop and we want to give a special thanks to the library customers who joined us all the way from Hampden Library! Best part is that we had so much fun we decided to do it all again. (This time with an emphasis on bicycle maintenance for children and teens.) Join us for MOVE FREELY BICYCLE EVENT "YOUTH DAY" on Saturday, June 14, 2-3:30 p.m.

Written by I Heart 700Stacks on June 9, 2014

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