Moths Attack!

With such a mild winter the Miller Moths have arrived with a vengeance, and just before them those little tiny moths (Clothes Moths) arrived en masse to my house. You know, the ones that will eat all your favorite sweaters and you won't know until the fall...

So with moths on the mind I thought I would throw together a little list of all things moth-y!

Mothman Prophecies This movie is a strange and lurid account of the strange occurrences that took place in the 1960s in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. With appearances lasting for only a year, the mothman has had a place in the canon of American urban legends ever since.

The Silence of the Lambs In both the book and the movie, moths play a pivotal and creepy role.

Godzilla vs. Mothra Needs no explanation!

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah Again, see above!

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek There is an amazing passage, beautiful and heartbreaking, which begins on page 61 of this book about the Polyphemus Moth. Also smatterings throughout the book about Luna Moths and butterflies which are the moth's beautiful cousins.

Of Moths and Men This book chronicles the rise of the Pepper Moths of England as an example of evolution and the controversies involved.

Gipsy Moth Circles the World When Francis Chichester decided to circumnavigate the world by himself at the age of 65, no one thought he would make it...

Butterflies and Moths A beautiful pictorial work that catalogs the butterflies and moths of the world.

Enjoying Moths An English lepidopterist chronicles the moths of Great Britain, revealing their habits, life cycles and even tells you how to rear your own moths. So while you may not enjoy the inundation of the Miller Moths, you may be able to find some joy in foreign moths.

Night Visions: The Secret Designs of Moths Another tome that reminds us that moths can be interesting and pretty!

Whew! I have to say I did learn some interesting facts while researching for this blog. For instance, in a great article that I found on the Colorado State University extension program website I learned that the term "Miller Moth" is actually used to refer to any kind of moth that clusters near your house! Not only that but Miller Moths are an integral part of an awakening grizzly bears fattening up diet. Who knew that moths were tasty and nutritious?

So, while you may have moth filled sleepless nights ahead of you here is another interesting fact to lull you back to sleep: the moths in your house are NOT eating holes in your clothes! Whew, good to know eh? (They already did that when they were caterpillars, sorry).

Written by Emily on April 25, 2012


Court on April 30, 2012


They creep me out, so thanks for giving me literary opportunities to appreciate them as well as visual ones : P

I'm just hoping early come, early go...


I agree Court, i am torn between fascination and fear, especially when they try to get into my hair! yurgh :D

Aaron on May 25, 2012


Gypsy Moths explained.
Hi, I'm an entomologist. Gypsy Moths pupate in the soil out on the eastern plains. They emerge and fly up into the mountains to feed and mate. On their way, they get distracted by our city lights and get all confused and lost and their population piles up along the Front Range because of this, making them appear more numerous.

An easy control measure to take is put a bowl of soapy water under a table lamp at night and leave most/all other lights off. You can do this while you sleep. They are attracted to the light and get caught in the water and are dead in the morning for you to toss out.

There's nothing to fear from them. They can't hurt you, your pets, your food, or your clothing. For the record, my girlfriend hates them too. haha

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