May 3 2014: Minecraft is Taking Over at GVR!

This month's GVR Computer Gaming Party was a huge success! Close to 30 kids attended our After-Hours event on Saturday, May 3. They had the library--and the library's computers-- to themselves. Kids played Minecraft and Roblox while some checked social media. But let's be honest: most played Minecraft!

Before the event kids like Wein, Chris, Christina and Jordan helped us set up. And a lot of the kids helped each other get onto Minecraft during the event. Aaron even created a Divergent world that he let as many people as possible play within. And Jordan created a Minecraft scene that said "I love GVR!"

Kids also made buttons of creepers and Steve. Others created cardboard figurines of pigs and zombies.

During snack time, Chris recruited new members to the GVR Crafters Daily club by showing interested attendees a PowerPoint. GVRs Crafters Daily club is for kids 8-18 and meets every other Thursday. They discuss the latest Minecraft techniques and are developing a graphic novel based on Minecraft.

And then, of course, all were allowed to play Hide and Seek!

GVR Library tries to have an After-Hours gaming party at least once a month for kids 8-18. Permission slips are required. Call the GVR Library for more details 720-865-0310.

Written by Colleen on May 15, 2014


Cori J. on May 15, 2014


Yay for Chris! Yay for the Crafters Daily Club!! Yay for Colleen and the entire staff at GVR!!!

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