These Things Happened: Man Bites Dog

We recently hosted author and gastronomical adventurer, Bruce Kraig, who's toured the United States to research the very American fascination with wieners. He joined Fresh City Life for a special author talk with sampling dogs included.

Bruce Kraig traveled from Chicago to tell us tales of men biting dogs. His most recent book, Man Bites Dog, is a tribute to the all-American hot dog culture. 

It is hot dog season; whether you're backyard grilling, at the stadium or cruising the county fair, it's time to get your dog on! Author Bruce Kraig is happy to admit that he shares the American obsession with hot dogs. We call them franks, wieners or red hots; no matter the title, hot dogs are inextricably linked to our pop culture. They're the Norman Rockwell of our American cuisine – not quite a Jackson Pollock, but still worth framing. Man Bites Dog roasts the best of our hot dog culture; insightfully written by Kraig with unique photographs by Patty Carroll – it's a fascinating read for its history and red hot Americana.

Our friends at Whole Foods Market supplied all the hot dogs for sampling and snacking. Kraig's author event happened during last week's Camp Gitchacrafton and about sixty campers attended the book talk -- peppering Kraig with an interesting assortment of hot dog questions. We also learned that Kraig is publishing a new book on international street food and we'll be hosting the author for that book tour soon.

Bruce Kraig, professor emeritus at Roosevelt University, is a noted food historian and widely sought-after expert on the lore, allure, and culture of the hot dog. He is the top dog. Patty Carroll is adjunct professor of photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She specializes in photographing American popular culture and has exhibited internationally, with shows about hot dog stands, Elvis impersonators, and American suburban lawns at night.


Written by Chris on June 24, 2013

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