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So how did the Occupy Wall Street movement get started? Well I guess we can blame Canada.

Adbusters is a Canadian anti-consumer, anti-capitalist, pro-environment magazine started in 1989 by Kalle Lasn. Mr. Lasn, a former adman and documentary filmmaker, was born in Estonia, moved to Australia as a child and now lives in Vancouver. Adbusters has no paid advertising relying on subscriptions, newsstand sales and donations. The magazine is well illustrated with sometimes disturbing artwork, photography, poetry, strident in-your-face politics and plenty of fake ads like their "Joe Chemo" ads that mock the Joe Camel cigarette ads. In Mr. Lasn words - "What we're trying to do is pioneer a new form of social activism using the power of mass media to sell ideas rather than products."

Last summer inspired by the mass demonstrations in Egypt and the role of social media in these demonstrations, Mr. Lasn and his staff at Adbusters sent an email to subscribers asking - "Are you ready for a Tahrir moment?" In June 2011 Lasn registered the domain name suggested by senior editor Micah White -  The Sept/Oct issue, which hit the newsstands in July, included a poster of a ballerina atop the iconic Wall Street bull with riot police in the background. Printed on the top of the poster was - What is our one demand? and on the bottom the twitter hashtag #occupywallstreet - September 17th - Bring tent. Lasn chose September 17th because it is his mother's birthday.

Get ready for the next round of protests. In May both the G8 and NATO annual summits will be held in Chicago. Adbusters has put out the call for thousands of protesters to occupy Chicago.

Written by Mary on January 30, 2012

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