Keep Circling

Since the beginning of this Maker-in-Residency, I'd hoped to create an audio recording of a Circles match, augmented by a micro-processor equipped with motion sensors (see the picture above) which would trigger audio samples in response to the movements of the game. The idea was to create a sonic map of the sport. You can listen to one result of this effort by following this link:

I scoured and edited down two hours of material -- think of it as a "highlights" reel -- to create a soundscape of sorts.

More audio may come. For now, keep Circling!

Written by Luke on September 5, 2017


JC on September 8, 2017


Brian Eno would be proud of you.

Kenneth on November 4, 2017


Reminds me of 70's/80's electronic soundscapes like "My life in the bush of ghosts" and the continuing electronica noise music scene.