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Do you know exactly the kind of book you want to read next, or are you looking for something different?

Do you really like funny stories? Perhaps steampunk is more your thing? Maybe you need to read some historical fiction for school? Looking for more books like A Child Called It? We have many excellent teen book lists for you to choose from.

One thing that I like about our book lists is that you can see what all the award books are for this year. My favorite awards are the Alex award (adult books with teen appeal) and the Norton award (sci-fi/fantasy). If you like audiobooks, check out the Odyssey Award list.

Next time you think there's nothing good to read, give one of our book lists a whirl! You may find your new favorite book! You can find all of our teen book lists here.

*Is that not the coolest picture of Godzilla ever?! It's by Olivier Pichard - you can see more of his work here.*

Written by extra medium on April 23, 2012


Anonymous on April 24, 2012


Thanks so much for the link to Olivier Pichard's art work! There are some really cool pieces in the gallery, well worth the time.


Glad you like it! I found it by doing a Google search for "godzilla reading a book"- I didn't really expect anything useful to come up, but then I saw this great image. Awesome!

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