Look Below The Surface of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

A cursory look at contemporary sci-fi and fantasy novels shows a surprising lack of cultural diversity among characters. If you look at the big summer blockbuster movies or popular television shows, this feeling is reinforced. A peek below the surface however shows that there are writers from various backgrounds who have produced some fantastic work. If you aren’t a hardcore fan of the genre or unless you accidentally stumble across some of those titles, you won’t know about them.

As we started researching for our Comic Con panel we scoured the shelves for graphic novels and fantasy and sci-fi books that deal with the experience of people of color or feature people of color as the main character. Some titles that appear on recommended lists for one reason or another are not widely available even at area libraries. We were undeterred by this however and we did all that we could to find books that we felt needed to be brought to the forefront.

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Written by Adelina on June 2, 2014


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