The INFAMOUS COLFAX Ave Colfax Avenue: A Strip Down Memory Lane artwork courtesy of Kenny Be The INFAMOUS COLFAX Ave The INFAMOUS COLFAX Ave

Colfax Avenue, the most infamous street in Colorado, and perhaps in the U.S, is synonymous with Denver. This famous road, once dubbed by Hugh Hefner in the 70's to be the "Longest, Wickedest Street in America," in my opinion still lives up to that title. Colfax Avenue has it all; from the rich, to the poor, and everything in between. Whatever you want in the entire world can be found on these 26.1 miles of road.

You can find drug dealers, prostitutes, strip clubs, addicts, crime, and an abundance of gun and liquor stores on this street. Colfax has a history of being a violent, dangerous place to avoid if you can. With a nickname like the "Longest, Wickedest Street in America," this is understandable.

Colfax can get a bad rap, but let's look at the other side of the story.

With every bad there is a good, so let's not forget about the good Colfax brings to the table. If you drive down Colfax, just about every business is either a "Mom & Pop" place or one run by entrepreneurs settling for the liveliness of Colfax. The American Dream is very much alive and thriving on the 26.1 miles of road that is Colfax Avenue, keeping Denver unique and artistic. Colfax Ave. is not just another road; it's pretty much its own little world, with so much to see, explore, and enjoy.

Here are some things to do on Colfax:

  1. Take a cruise down the entire street.
  2. Try out some of the best food in Denver: Bourbon Grill (my favorite), Cheeky Monk, Steve's Snappin' Dogs, Chicago, Tom's Diner, and Davies Chuck Wagon Diner.... And there are so many more.
  3. Some bars/pubs to visit: 1 Up, The Nob Hill Inn, Streets of London Pub, Prohibition, Satellite Bar, The Hangar Bar, and Blush & Blu....just to name a few.
  4. Art: Dikeou Pop-up. Colfax has some of the best events, including the Fresh Jazz & Crisp Vinyl Series presented by Saniego Sanchez, Director of The Dikeou Collection.

These are just a few things I would recommend. If you have any more, please comment below.

If you have any memorable stories about Colfax - whether they're good, bad, or crazy - please feel free to share those, as well.

Check out this good documentary about Colfax: Colfax Ave : A Documentary Film

Colfax Avenue: A Strip Down Memory Lane - artwork courtesy of Kenny Be.

Also, check out these local bands: Five Iron Frenzy's "Where 0 Meets the 15" and Spiv's "The Dirty 15" both refer to Colfax.


Colfax is interesting, but it's also dangerous as all hell. I am a student at UCD, and Colfax sits between campus and home (I live in Capitol Hill). I can't tell you how many times I've had to run from bad guys on my commute to school. I was nearly raped twice, and somebody pulled I knife on me a few weeks ago. I never cross Colfax without a taser, pepper spray, and a knife. You just never know what could happen on that street, especially when you are a young, small female.

That being said, I've met a couple of really nice people on Colfax who have brightened my day. It's worth checking out the area if you are with a group of strong people and/or armed to the teeth. Don't go at night, though.

Wow, sharing your experiences with us is very touching and as honest as can be. I agree, if you are a female in general, Colfax is very dangerous and is a good idea to steer clear of, personally, I believe Colfax will never change no matter how much the city/state try to change it. Colfax is ingrained with the city just like the elevation of the city.

So happy that all isn't bad and you had some good experiences! Colfax is a world unto it's own...

Thanks for sharing!

Oh Colfax.. I've know someone who was gunned down it the parking lot of Tom's diner, and I've been robbed right on pearl, I've been in drum circles on, smoked crack on, seen a thousand shows on, bought a thousand records, on, ate a million meals on, got slapped by a homeless girl on E. Colfax

Haha, thanks for retrospection and giving a glimpse of your experiences on Colfax. This made me laugh, hopefully they make you to.


Grew up on East east Colfax and street helped shape me / teach me about the world. We now live in Cap Hill close to Colfax. I used to have a pix of street sign in Denver, when I first left for NYC - to remind me how hard it got, its been tougher. While Colfax gets a bad rap, it has character. It's also much safer than it used to be. I always loved it - because it has always been real - no pretense, cool (maybe a bit rough) attitude with cool places and people - Greek town, good restaurants, cafes (even cafe with girls in lingerie serving - don't think people go there for the coffee thu), nude jello wrestling, Voodoo donughts... Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll have always been here - now it has Tattered Cover, art galleries, nicer cafes - and still plenty of mom and pops...

"it has character", has to be the best way to put colfax. Colfax is unrated and unfiltered, the reality of a cold world can be taught on this road. I love how informal you are and straight up, Thanks for your comment.

I am a native Denverite, and wanted to give my kids (who grew up on a ranch in Elbert) a taste of the wild city life by giving them a tour of Colfax. You should have seen their faces! Now they are all grown up and live in Denver. Colfax is old hat, but it was great to introduce them to East Colfax.

Lol, I really wish I could of seen their faces and they must of looked like this O__O heheeheheh

Rest in peace to the two best lesbian bars in Denver, too: the Denver Detour, at Colfax and Pearl, and Ms. C's, at Colfax and Trenton.

Sorry for your loss, R.I.P Detour and Ms. C's. Gone but, never forgotten

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