Hollywood Remakes Part 2

Recently, we talked about Hollywood remakes of older movies. How about the remakes of foreign movies? Which are the better - the foreign version or the remake. Hollywood tends to change the story - sometimes to make it less gritty or have a happier ending but do we always need a happier ending? Are the remakes necessary? Here’s a few examples.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. A raw and explicit whodunnit that explores the relations between an older man and a younger woman. Critics aren’t quite split on this one - where some find the remake as edgy and dark, the original is preferred but the American remake Girl With the Dragon Tattoo worth watching.

The Vanishing. The Hollywood remake is also called The Vanishing and stars Jeff Bridges as the man who spends years trying to find her girlfriend who disappeared. Hollywood gives it a happy ending (of sorts). The original film is scary because it could happen. Watch the original - you’ll never stop at a rest area again.

Let The Right One In. A Swedish movie where a young boy befriends a young girl who lives next door and happens to be a vampire. Let Me In, the American version keeps the story close to the original and is considered not as good as the original but certainly scary.

Wings of Desire. In the original German movie, angels watch humans. Their lives are in black and white and humans are in color and one of the angels wants to be a human after he falls in love. It’s a memorable movie unlike the remake called City of Angels with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan.

The Wicker Man. In both movies - the British version and the American The Wicker Man, the protagonist travels to an island to help search for a missing child who may or may not be missing. Mystery surrounds the village and the child. Steeped in pagan mythology, the British version wins for its eeriness.

Oldboy. A tale about a man who is kidnapped and then mysteriously released many years later. He then sets off to seek revenge against the unknown kidnappers. Both the Korean and American Oldboy versions are violent and graphic with mixed reviews but still worth watching.

Is there a remake that you think is better than the original?

Written by lisab on August 25, 2016

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