DPL Staff Art Show

It's well-documented that DPL staff is talented, hard-working and creative when it comes to customer service, maintaining our buildings and performing behind-the-scenes duties, but many of us are also aspiring artists.

Come and celebrate the works of 28 DPL staffers, retirees, volunteers and on-call employees at the annual 2015 Art of the Library exhibit. You'll see over 60 works of art in various mediums including tesserai tile, hohloma, photography, wool, paper, steampunk, ink, acrylic and oil.

Where:  Vida Ellison Gallery, Level 7 of the Central Library

When:  Through March 1, 2015

While you're here, visit Level 2 and browse our massive collection of art books, and take home a book about local artist Bradi Barth, the essential Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel, Mouse Muse: The Mouse in Art or Brilliant: White in Design.

Written by Lisa on February 10, 2015


Leigh Ann on February 11, 2015


Indeed--what a delight to view such talented staff art--the diversity is amazing: all these artists do DPL proud! Thank you, Lisa for encouraging folks to check it out--it's well worth the time to take a look!

Anonymous on February 13, 2015


Thank you for posting these photos! I'm not able to make it to the Library to see them for myself, so very much appreciate these pictures. Wish I could see more! Mary M.


Thanks for looking. I'm changing them every day so keep checking!

Put the name o… on February 14, 2015


You should include the name of the artist to each piece, that would be awesome to know who did what.....

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