Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Denver Public Library is celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May. As part of the library’s commitment to being inclusive and recognizing the communities we serve, we want to acknowledge and celebrate this month along with those who identify as Asian & Pacific Islander.

The AAPI community has had challenging times throughout the history of America. Recent events have further shown that these challenges and issues persist, and it is important to raise awareness of these issues and speak out against acts of hate and violence. As we witness the strength of the AAPI community in its response to the current environment, we want the library to be a place where voices from this community can be seen and heard. The history and heritage that spans generations and decades in the community is vast and no one story can sum up all these experiences, so we look to amplify those voices and share the stories of those through our collection, our Asian & Pacific Islander staff and those in our Denver community.

This month we have a special issue of our publication, Engage!, which highlights the stories of AAPI staff sharing their experiences and work within the library. Along with that, we have a blog post series where AAPI authors and staff will contribute during May, and we have curated a list of titles on our website and Children's site, to share more stories and voices as we celebrate this month.

This month can also be a time of introspection, for those who choose to explore more about their own Asian & Pacific Islander heritage, cultural practices, and experiences and also for those who want to learn more about the AAPI community. We hope the library can become a space for those who choose to explore and connect with their history and the history of others through our collection and other offerings.

Written by Michelle on May 3, 2021