Postcards! Get Your Postcards Here!

Feeling nostalgic? Missing the simpler times? Do you remember the thrill of receiving a postcard from someone you know and love -- or maybe even from someone you never met?

Denver Public Library is bringing that that all back! We know that a lot of older adults are feeling isolated and alone right now, so in response we’ve recently launched a postcard program to connect with them. Complete the request form and a library staff member will handwrite a note on a custom-designed postcard and drop it in the mail to you. Have multiple people in your household? Fill out a form for each member and we’ll be sure to send them one, too! These are sure to become collector items...

Denver Public Library Postcard Form 

Postage is provided by the NextFifty Initiative

This is a guest blog written by Marianna. 

Written by Hana on June 1, 2020