Help us celebrate National Library Week, April 8-15

National Library Week is April 8-15 and we’d love your help celebrating. If you love your library (and we hope you do!), we invite you to let us know why. During National Library Week, we invite you to tell the world what’s in the Denver Public Library for you.

Please visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know what’s in the library for you. Feel free to include a photo of your favorite branch, book, staff member...anything that helps to visually represent your adoration for your public library. Please include the hashtags #WhatsInItForYou and #NationalLibraryWeek so that we can share!

As part of National Library Week, we’d like to give you an overview of the work we do throughout Denver. Consider all the ways the Denver Public Library makes Denver a great place to live, work and play:

Technology is the name of the game in today’s library. From public access computers to sophisticated equipment for video production, gaming and recording, the Denver Public Library offers ideaLAB makerspaces where people can make just about anything.

ideaLABs combine much-needed equipment with one-on-one and group instruction for kids and adults. Whether it’s creating a video game, recording an album, digitizing old slides or learning how to podcast, the Denver Public Library makes making accessible to everyone.

The heart of the library is still books and people still love books—from traditional printed materials to online manuscripts. The library is the perfect companion for book-loving friends who checked out more than 8.1 million items in 2017. And while printed materials are still all the rage, digital items continue to gain popularity, with 1.2 million downloads circulated last year.

The public library is one of the few remaining places where people can simply “be.” From finding a quiet place to study to attending a class to meeting with neighbors and friends, the library provides spaces for everyone. In 2017, over 4.1 million people walked through the doors of Denver Public Library’s 26 locations.

The library also provides a welcoming environment for immigrants and new Americans as well as provides resources for customers experiencing life challenges.

Tomorrow’s success depends on the important and specific ways we engage our children today. That’s why the library places a high value on helping children discover the joy of reading and learning, motivating them to achieve and graduate from high school.

The library’s signature learning programs include Summer of Adventure, where babies, kids and teens explore Denver through reading and immersive programs, and Storytimes offered at branches throughout Denver where kids and parents participate in research-based activities that educate and entertain. The Read Aloud program serves preschoolers in neighborhoods with low-income, ethnically and culturally diverse populations and inspires a love of reading and learning.

The Denver Public Library loves providing opportunities for Denver residents to grow and experience new things. In 2017, the library offered almost 22,000 programs with 417,000 attendees. Programs include author visits, business and job search seminars, children’s camps and programming, civic engagement, do-it-yourself instruction, genealogy, movies and music, technology and more. What’s more, all of the library’s programs are offered for free--giving unparalleled access for those who need it most.

The Denver Public Library plays an important role in the economic health of Denver. The library proudly offers BizBoost, a one-on-one service for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them more effectively grow and market their businesses. The Nonprofit Resource Center and the Patent and Trademark Center are known throughout the region for providing tools and databases that would otherwise be out of the economic reach of many organizations.

There’s much more. But we want to hear from you! What do you like about the Denver Public Library? Please post and share on social media during April 8-15 and let us know.

Written by ChrisH on April 3, 2018

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