Become a DPL Social Media Advocate

The Denver Public Library is searching for our biggest supporters. Do you love your library card? Are you a fan of our programs and services? Do you frequently use the library’s resources? Consider signing up for our new Social Media Advocate Program. This program is designed to give our biggest supporters an opportunity to engage with us while helping us expand to new audiences we wouldn’t normally be able to reach. 

What’s a Social Media Advocate? 
A social media advocate is someone who is a supporter of an organization and utilizes their social networks to help amplify the voice and messages of the organization. This person proactively talks up and advocates for the organization to their own networks extending the reach and increasing brand awareness. Research states that 9 out of 10 consumers say recommendations from friends and loved ones are their most trusted form of advertising worldwide while only 2 of 10 trust online ads. Our supporters have the power to help the library raise our awareness. 

Why is Denver Public Library doing this? 
The pandemic has impacted our connection to the community and are looking for creative ways to reach more people. In addition, Denver Public Library is currently exploring sustainable funding opportunities for the organization. Through this exploration, we have identified gaps in awareness of the library’s impact within certain populations. In an effort to expand awareness, the Social Media Advocate program can help the library reach new and existing audiences.  

How it works
As a social media advocate, you will receive monthly toolkits with pre drafted content and images you can copy and paste to your social media platforms. We are currently using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Suggested posting dates will be provided when appropriate. Toolkits will be in a Google folder for easy access. We will provide a variety of options to choose. 

We ask that you commit to a one year time frame and post at least twice a month. Based on this expectation, we believe it will take no more than an hour of your time a month. If you have more time to give, you will have a variety of posts you can share throughout the month increasing your monthly commitment. 

What do you need to become a Social Media Advocate? 
We need people who love the library, are active on social media and have a good following. You need social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn to participate. You don’t have to have accounts on all platforms to participate.

How long is this program? 
This is a new pilot program we are implementing in 2022. We ask that you commit to a one year time frame. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the program after the first year and determine if it will be extended.  

What kind of support is offered? 
Staff are available for questions at any time. 

How do I get involved? 
Getting involved is easy! Please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you in January 2022. 

Your advocacy will help build awareness of the library’s impact on the community. We look forward to connecting with our supporters to help spread the word about how great the Denver Public Library is!

Written by asauceda on December 14, 2021