Online Catalog Upgrade - New Features

You may have noticed some changes to our online catalog. We've upgraded, and while much of the catalog will feel familiar, we're excited to share some new features with you.

New features:

  1. Catalog Logo 
    From any page in the catalog, click the logo to return to the catalog home page.
  2. Book Cover Images in My Account
    Book cover images now appear on the following account pages:
    *Items Out
    *Claimed and Lost
    *Reading History

  3. Similar Titles from Novelist Select
    When browsing the item detail page you will see an improved display of Read-alikes, story elements, and other related content under the "Similar titles" section.
  4. Improved Display on Mobile Devices
    Item availability information has been improved to reduce horizontal scrolling on mobile devices, making the information much easier to read.

  5. Pasting Your Password on the Login Page
    You are now able to paste text into the Password field. This makes it easier to paste long or complex passwords from a password manager.

  6. Security Improvements for Passwords
    If you want to create or reset a password you will receive an email containing a time-sensitive link to a Reset Password page.

  7. Suspended Holds and Hold Limits
    Inactive (suspended) holds no longer count against your overall hold limit of 30 items. This is exciting because it allows avid customers to get on long hold lists for popular titles without impacting the convenience of requesting local pick up of titles currently on shelf at other DPL locations. Learn more about suspending holds.

Written by on September 30, 2019