Come join the Maker Challenge!

Like many people, you may have responded to all this extra time at home by making things - bread, scarves, drawings, silly songs, gigantic LEGO creations - and we want to see what you've made. Our community is full of amazingly creative people of all ages, so we're celebrating that by launching the Summer of Adventure Maker Challenge early!

The Maker Challenge is our annual showcase of the amazing talents young people have, where you can upload an image, video, and/or sound recording of something you've made - a painting, something you've cooked, a quilt, a robot, a song - to share it with the rest of Denver and be entered to win prizes. Given the current situation, we're making two big changes: we're opening up the Maker Challenge two months early and we're opening it up to adults to participate as well!

From April 3rd through August 8th, upload an entry to the Maker Challenge to share your creation with the rest of Denver and be entered to win $50 gift cards to local businesses! You can get started right now at!

Not sure what to make or where to get started? We've collected some suggestions of places to get inspiration:

  • Artful Parent: process art activities for kids, great for Pre-K through elementary.
  • Tinkerlab: art, science, and tinkering activities for babies through elementary school.
  • Preschool STEAM: an introduction to how to create science, technology-, engineering-, art-, and math-focused activities for preschoolers, with lots of examples.
  • Art Bar Blog: ideas for recycled art, project art, and more for toddlers through elementary.
  • America's Test Kitchen Kids: kid-friend recipes and activities. Geared for elementary aged youth.
  • Craftsman & Apprentice: a great local resource who are offering free, online handcraft classes for K-5 youth.
  • Instructables is a huge collection of community-created DIY project instructions, from circuits to stovetop to woodshop. Adults will find tons of inspiration, and their teacher pages offer a huge array of projects for elementary age youth and middle and high school as well.
  • The MAKE Magazine MakerCamp Project Library is full of a wide variety of projects, most suitable for families working together or 6th grade and up.
  • The Exploratorium has created activities that let kids (and their adults) learn about viruses through hands-on making.
  • PBS' Design Squad has design and engineering challenges and projects aimed at the 6-12 age group and their families.

We can't wait to see what you make! Share it with all of Denver at!


Written by nate on April 3, 2020