The Summer of Adventure returns!

Long, long ago, in a galaxy close at hand, a reading program was introduced to the youth of Denver. Kids of all ages read, or were read to, a predetermined number or books or hours, and when they made it halfway, a prize was awarded. Upon completion of the goal, another prize was given. It was an exciting event, as kids of all ages traipsed to the library to sign up, get their first prize and grab books to complete the goal.. 

My children, like many others, loved participating in the Summer of Reading when they were little. The newness of folders that marked their successes, combined with joining the club of kids who were all working toward the same goal, made the summer reading program more fun than the incentives (or threats) I devised. Several summers, my oldest and most voracious reader completed her reading as quickly as possible, reading into the wee hours of the morning to finish a book and complete the challenge. For our family, summers  were a time to connect, rejuvenate and create for our family. As a family we listened to books on CD (Have you heard Jim Dale read Harry Potter? It's fantastic!) while we worked on puzzles, so the younger children, who were struggling young readers, were experiencing the joy of reading with us.  We spent loads of time at the parks and at the swimming pool. The kids were on the counter or on chairs helping me make cookies or cake. We also went camping and spent long evenings by the fire. There was so much learning and living that happened simply to keep the kids busy and adults sane.  

Over the years the library's summer reading program has evolved to embrace the idea that kids need more than just a few hours of reading to keep them engaged and learning. And they learn through more than assignments or words on a page. Studies continue to show youth learn by playing and exploring, which is why the Summer of Adventure is all about exploring, making and reading. All kids, whether they are babies, tweens or teens, will receive a prize for signing up. Then choose 15 activities and receive another prize upon completion.

Register online or call 720-865-1111 and ask for assistance. If you need help finding activities to do, there are suggestions here. And, young or old, child or adult, if you are sewing, building, painting, or cooking… share whatever it is you're creating to the Maker Challenge, and you'll be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate.  

We hope you join us this summer as we head off on an adventure!

Written by Danette on June 1, 2020