Library Love Story: Liam's First Library Card

Liam and Children's Librarian, Chufo Ramirez

Recently, the Children’s Library staff received a special request from a regular customer, Paola. Her son Liam’s fourth birthday was coming up soon. For the past several weeks, whenever she asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he’d say, “My own library card.” She’d let a couple days go by, ask again, but the answer was always the same, “My own library card.”

Paola wondered if we even let kids as young as Liam get cards and when we assured her we did, she was relieved. Together, we brain-stormed ways we could make this milestone special. We settled on the Children’s Library staff making a birthday card and having Children’s Librarian, Chufo Ramirez, play the guitar while we all sang “Happy Birthday” as we presented Liam with his very first library card.

Next, we discussed all of our card color choices. Paola responded without hesitation, “Pink, definitely. He’ll love it.” And she was right! Liam’s face broke into a grin when he opened the envelope and saw the card. He turned immediately to his mom, gave her a big hug and said, “Thank you!”

Liam’s been a regular at the Children’s Library since his Book Babies days and now with his own card, we hope to keep seeing him for many years to come!


Welcome to the wonderful world of libraries, Liam!

beautiful story. congratulations, liam! enjoy your card---and I know you'll become a lifelong user of the library. :)

Adorable. What a great story!


This warmed my heart. Liam is a smart kid!

I love this story! I see a bright future for Liam.

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