Library Love Story: David Bondarchuck

David Bondarchuck was once a homeless teen living in a shelter off of Colfax Avenue in Denver.
Every day he’d take the bus to the Denver Central Library and read cookbooks and books about entertaining – cover to cover—as though they were text books.  The Library provided him with safe haven and the knowledge he needed to pursue his passion. In 2011, just four years after David founded his own local catering business, Scratch Catering Services, two of his dreams came true: he was invited to decorate the White House for the holidays, and was featured on the Martha Stewart show. In 2012 he returned to the White House and is now a free-lance correspondent for the local 9NEWS network.

Written by james on February 14, 2013


Anonymous on June 14, 2013


very cool story! amazing what happened

Lili on June 14, 2013


What was his passion? I don't get it

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