Library of the Living Dead: Preparing the Central Library for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies Are Coming
Security reviews Zombie plan Zombie warning sign Creating a Map

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming zombie apocalypse for quite some time—even the CDC has a zombie preparedness web page! Even though it’s coming, not many people have taken the steps to prepare themselves. The teens at the Central Library decided to remedy this problem. With tons of books about zombies, maps of the Central Library, and a lot of creativity, the teens created a zombie safety plan.

Some of the teens worked on a detailed map showing how we could help with triage and defense. Almost everyone made zombie warning signs and contributed to a list of things we would need at Central to keep safe. After the teens finished, we presented our plan to a member of DPL’s security team. If they implement all of the teens’ requests, you will soon see guard bears and salt moats around all of our branches.

Arianna, Alice, and Theodore Noble came from Green Valley Ranch to help us prepare for the zombies. Arianna said, "This is seriously the best time I’ve ever had at the Library! I’m glad someone is finally going to do something about the zombie apocalypse!" Using books from the library, Arianna made some amazing signs to warn people about zombies.

Jeannine and Johnathan Ochtera are regulars at our Summer of Reading events. Both Jeannine and Johnathan explained about the many uses of salt against the zombies. They came up with the name for our program: Library of the Living Dead.

All and all, we had a great time!


Did you know that there was a race with zombies today? It's called Run For Your Lives in Rooney Valley- here's a link to the article in the Denver Post:

Have to say, being chased by a zombie would be pretty motivational.

Oh man, I love that image-- I'm not able to add more pics to the blog once it's been posted, but if anyone is interested, you can Google 'zombie treadmill' and see what our intrepid commenter is talking about. It's genius!

Just surround your house with a bunch of treadmills.
When the zombies step on the treadmills, that will keep them occupied for a very, very long time.

that kid who sad ''I hope you have salt or you will be sorry'' who told them you need salt to kill the walking dead? You need a chiansaw or a gun or something...

Yeah, I think they were confused by the Florida bath salts face eater. It was pretty funny though: all the teens thought you could use salt on zombies like you do slugs.

Perhaps I misunderstood and they were suggesting that if you kosher a zombie they could become a viable food source? Pretty grim either way, I think.

Hah! Thanks so much for your commment!

I've always found button making to be a great craft for the easily distracted and energetic, but I'm not sure if the zombies will have the motor skills for it. Perhaps fingerpainting or making God's Eyes?

In other news, I had a teen suggest that we investigate human-sized hamster balls-- we could walk around the city without being eaten! He also had a great idea for human habitrail tunnels that would be suspended above the city.

Looking at the teens' map, I see that the current Children's Craft Room has been designated as a Zombie Containment Area. I think this is a novel approach. Perhaps these zombies can be provided with craft materials to keep them occupied until they are cured or removed to a more secure location. Who knows what kind of brutal creativity they might be needing to express. But, please, cancel craft hour for the kids.

This is fantastic! I'll feel much safer now...

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