Introducing Learn Make Share from the ideaLABs

The ideaLABs have launched a new series called Learn Make Share! Every Tuesday, we post a new video on a maker topic for you to follow along with, and the following Tuesday we host a live discussion about it. While we remain closed to the public, we hope these videos and meetups give you a chance to learn some new skills and stay connected with the ideaLAB community.

Our first video on Bookbinding went live last week, and our second video on Cross Stitching went live earlier this week. Join us this Tuesday on 8/18 from 7-8 PM to talk about all things cross stitch: share what you made, meet other makers, and ask questions about the project. Here's what other subjects are coming up:

Keep your eye on the event calendar for future Learn Make Share meetups and subscribe to the DPL YouTube channel (there's even an ideaLAB playlist) to find out about future Learn Make Share videos!

You can also visit the ideaLAB website to learn more about other services we are offering.

Written by nate on August 13, 2020