Winter of Reading: Attend a DPL program you've never gone to before

With all the different programs available in the Denver Public Library system not only can you learn something new, but you can visit someplace you may never have been to before!

The library has 26 branches  and all offer wonderful programs and presenters. Learn an instrument, practice some yoga, attend a book club - these are just a few of the choices. You can even attend a lecture on a topic new to you or familiar - the Sam Gary Branch will be sponsoring a lecture on the region of Kashmir on February 28.

Did you know that we also have programs outside of our branches, in the River North Arts District (RiNo)? Whether it’s cooking, a movie, or a drawing class, you'll meet some new people or even learn a new skill.  Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art class is a place where all drawing skills are welcome. Or how about the RiNo Photo Scavenger hunt where you’ll look for architectural details, murals, and forgotten spaces? This is a great way to discover a rapidly changing area of downtown Denver.

These are just a handful of our upcoming programs - keep an eye out for "Pop-up" programs too. These happen around town at unexpected locations and times, and can even show up at our branches. If you are interested in a Pop-up book club, take a look at our Get Lit event happening at Denver Distillery in April!

Still not finding something new? Don't forget our museum and cultural passes or visit one of our five ideaLabs

There’s still time to finish your Winter of Reading  activities by attending a new program. Check out the Events page and our Engage Brochure to discover more great programs.


Written by lisab on February 21, 2019