Not So Trivial Pursuits

About two years ago, an idea germinated with the staff at the Eugene Field branch library. They loved going and competing in trivia competitions, and thought “what if we brought trivia programs to our little branch?” At first they tried it quarterly, and customers wanted more. Then they decided that doing it every other month would be fun, and people were thrilled. A little idea became a regular program, now loved and consistently attended by several folks in the Bonnie Brae, Cory-Merrill and Wash Park neighborhoods.

Library trivia programs have been going on for years, all over the country, in a variety of ways (Golden Girls trivia, anyone?) because it’s a low-key, widely recognized fun thing to do. As a place to get information, it just makes sense for libraries to be involved in events where knowledge is shared, no matter how “trivial.” And what many locations who are hosting trivia programs are finding, is that gathering together to compete and answer random questions is about more than just that--it’s about community, getting to know your neighbors, and building lasting relationships. 

Hosting trivia events is also a great opportunity for the library to connect with community business partners. This was evident at two trivia events hosted at Woods Boss Brewing and Declaration Brewing, as well as a craft and trivia event held at ReCreative Denver.

In addition, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, Bonnie Brae Tavern, Devil’s Food Bakery, and Campus Lounge have all worked with Eugene Field for their trivia night program as well.

You can find different kinds of trivia events all around the city, but come to a Denver Public Library program, meet your neighbors, and give it a try. And don't forget, attending a library program counts toward your Winter of Reading goal!

Upcoming DPL Trivia events - Be sure to check your Engage brochure for additional programs.

Trivia Night at Eugene Field - typically the third Wednesday, every other month

Teen Trivia at the Schlessman Family Branch. They have this program on the second Thursday each month.

The Jeopardy! Experience: Tips and Tricks from a Recent Contestant at the Schlessman Family Branch

Written by kristen on March 8, 2018