Covid-19 Vaccines: Questions and Answers

As millions are getting vaccinated against Covid-19 and our pre-pandemic lifestyles are slowly becoming possible again, many of us still have questions about the vaccines. There is a lot of information out there, but it can be difficult to tell facts from misinformation, so Dr. Emily Bates is here to answer all your Covid-19 vaccine questions. Dr. Bates is a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, a Harvard Medical School PhD graduate, mother of two young children, and the wife of a local ice cream company owner. 

In Dr. Bates’ COVID-19 Vaccines: Questions and Answers presentation, you will learn more about how the coronavirus does its damage, how the vaccines work, and the answers to questions like: Why should I still get vaccinated if I’ve already had Covid? How do we know if these vaccines are safe long-term? Can the vaccines affect my fertility? If I am not at risk for severe Covid-19, is there an advantage to getting vaccinated? If these vaccines work, why do vaccinated people care if I'm unvaccinated? How can I approach a loved one who is hesitant about getting vaccinated? 

Watch her presentation on Youtube, or register here to attend a program with Dr. Bates on Friday, June 25 at 12 p.m. to see the presentation, as well as ask questions of your own. 

Written by kburney on June 15, 2021