World Art Drop Day September 4

Calling all artists and art lovers! World Art Drop Day is on Tuesday, September 4. Drop a piece of your art somewhere, and let the world know where to find it on social media. It's a fun way to connect art and people, and generally make the world a happier place. Here's how it works:

  • Create a unique piece of art. 
  • Hide your art! Hint - libraries are perfect places for this.
  • Take a photo of the art in its hiding spot, and post that photo to a social media platform of your choice using the hashtag #artdropday. If you drop your art in a library, use @denverlibrary as well.
  • Then move on, hoping someone finds it, or hang out to meet your new friend. That's it! Read more about Art Drop Day here

You can find Art Drop Day flyers at your local Denver Public Library branch  - and you can use those as a canvas for art! Happy art dropping.

Written by Jennifer D on September 4, 2018