Vineyard Reads

Books about things we enjoy are often the most fun to read. For oenophiles (wine lovers), the title list is long and varied. From historical fiction to romance to mystery, you can pick a book by vintage, type of wine, or even Cru Classé. If you haven't had a chance to read Vintage 1954 by Antoine Laurain for the Get Lit Pop Up Book Club on January 28 at Wild Women Wine, not to worry. Bring the title of your choice and cozy up with a glass of wine for a book club of one!

Have an affection for Burgundy? Pick up Ann Mah's The Lost Vintage. Kate, a sommelier who is preparing for her third try at passing the rigorous Master of Wine test, returns to her cousin’s home in Burgundy. She becomes steeped in much more than local viticulture; while helping him clean out the basement of his home, she makes discoveries about their family history that uncover some of those old wartime wounds, and enduring confusion about who resisted, who collaborated, who escaped punishment for their crimes, and who did not. Many lyrical descriptions of the terrain, the sky, the rich greens, browns, and blues of Burgundy are woven in.

If you like a little fantasy while you tipple, give Colorado debut author Luanne Smith's The Vine Witch a spin. Elena Boureanu, former toad, is a vine witch. Her magic is responsible for creating some of the best wine of the age, and her legacy is all but ruined when she finally returns home. The vineyard’s new owner may be handsome, but he’s a city man of science who knows nothing about the valley’s vine witch tradition. And on top of that, Elena can clearly detect dark magic surrounding the estate. She knows her own curse must be connected to the hex on the fields and she vows to put her world back into balance.

Ellen Crosby pours up another corking mystery with The Angels' Share, the 10th title in her Wine Country Mysteries series. Readers will find an intriguing blend of secret societies, Prohibition bootleg wine, and potentially scandalous documents hidden by the Founding Fathers, all of which yield a vintage murder. Mixing a rare Madeira with politics and the newspaper business near the Beltway has never been more delicious!

Lush Money by Angelina Lopez is full of steamy twists and turns. Billionaire Roxanne Medina wants a baby and a man who is desperate enough to agree to fathering a child for money, while also possessing fantastic genes and the social standing to give their child everything he or she could want. Enter Spanish prince and viticulturist Mateo Ferdinand Juan Carlos de Esperanza y Santos, the prime candidate as his country is failing due to the king’s excessive spending. Be warned - the angst is high and the sex is hot. This is the first book in her Filthy Rich series.

This last title is only available in ebook format, but graphic novel fans will certainly want to take a look. The Initiates: a Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs. Author and illustrator Etienne Davodeau spent two years on a vineyard working with Loire Valley natural winemaker Richard Leroy and sketched the experience as they try out each other's jobs over the course of a vintage, forging a friendship in the process. Their exploits take them from pruning to picking while battling pests, sulfur conundrums, and critics along the way, with cameos from biodynamic superheroes.

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Written by Dodie on January 21, 2020