Get Your Art On!

In August, it’s all about art. Check out the Art Lives Here exhibit the library is hosting through August 27, which features indigenous art from the Americas, from long ago and from the present. Then, create art inspired by the exhibit at The Art Making Table with Denver Art Museum on August 17, at Ross-Barnum Branch Library, presented in English and Spanish.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about public art, including the process for selecting public art, at “The Ins and Outs of Public Art in Denver” on August 7 at the Eugene Field Branch Library.
If tandem painting is your jam, try “It Takes Two–To Paint” on August 17 at the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library. Share your creativity with a friend as you toil on one canvas together. Or, get your hands dirty in our “Sculpting and Painting Sculpted Clay Workshop” at the Ford-Warren Branch Library on August 20, specifically for older adults. 

For the kiddos, there’s a variety of fun programs, including Tinker Studios, Art Works Studio, Awesome Art Adventures and Kids Creation Club. Details for all events are listed in and you can check out the August issue of Engage, our programming magazine, right here!

Start thinking artistically and join us for some fun!

Written by dcordova on July 24, 2019